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Toronto Apartments
Toronto Condos
Toronto Home Developers
Toronto Real Estate Agents
Toronto Real Estate Agencies
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Toronto Real Estate Agents - Selling Condos and Houses - updated 2008

Mr.Loft - Condos / Lofts
Elizabeth Machula - Toronto Condos
Alan Read-Chua - Toronto Real Estate
Ray Bhatia - Remax
Reza Afshar - Coldwell Banker Terrequity
Todd Black - Royal Lepage
Audrey Azad - Remax
Akbar Zareh - Remax
Alan Coulter - Prudential Properties Plus
Allana Thompson - Royal Lepage
Alyson Buckingham - Royal LePage
Anne and Louis Balkou - Prudential First Choice Realty
Amit Kalia - Royal LePage
Brian Elder - Royal Lepage
Barry Cohen - RE/MAX
Batya Mishan - Sutton Group
Blair D Campell - Sutton Group
Bill Thom - RE/MAX Realtron
Boots Montano - Century 21
Boris Avaian - Sutton Group -Tower
Barbara Jacobs - Forest Hill Real Estate
Boris Piko - Sutton
Boris Piko - Sutton Group
Brian Hunter - Prudential
Bernie Lee - Re/Max
Bonni Maikawa
Catherine Woodburn and Lousie Bolduc - Apple Vista Realty
Carlos Amaral - Family Realty Index
Carol Mintz - Royal LePage
Conrad Rygier - Condos and Castles Realty
Chris Wardrop -Coldwell Banker
Cristina Van Blommestein - Prudential Properties Plus
Cyntia Yan - Coldwell Banker
D'Arcy Gauthier - RE/MAX unique
Dario Mattei - Royal Lepage
Debbie Tien - Century 21
Don Mulholand - Bosley Real Estate
Don Clough - Coldwell Banker
Doreen Baran - RE/MAX
Donna Clarke - Remax
Deirdra Johnson
Deirdre Kutasi
Elizabeth Sinopoli - HomeLife Realty
Elizabeth Machula - Toronto Condos
Elena Diamond - Sutton Group
Eric Eaton - Coldwell Banker
Ernie MacMaster - Royal Lepage
Ellen Peddle - Century 21
Felix Druts - Royal LePage
Frank DeLuca- Royal LePage
Frank Goodrick and Taylor Meredith - Remax
George Chisholm - Forest Hill Real Estate
George and Beth Meltz - Remax
Gitta Levi - Century21
Gloria Ben-David - Royal LePage
Graham King and Sylvia Santarelli - REMAX
Greg Loch - Sutton Group
Greg Myers & Gladys Lippai - RE/MAX
Harold Hillman - Harvey Kalles Real Estate
Harvey Malinsky - Royal LePage
Henry Bliss - RE/MAX
Howard Drukarsh - Royal LePage
Herminia Barrientos - Coldwell Banker
Israel Shapiro - ReMax
Ilenna Tai - Living Realty
Iris Li - Remax
Jacqueline Tai - RE/MAX Crossroads Realty
Janet Lindsay - Chestnut Park
Jane Rennie - RE/MAX Estates Ltd.
Jay Brijpaul - RE/MAX West
Jarrett Hunter - Re/MAX
Jay Brijpaul - RE/MAX West
Joseph Bozzo - century 21
James Killoran - Re/Max

Jim Common - The Common Real Estate Group
Jennifer Stanley and Gordon Nye - Chestnut Park Real Estate
Jeffrey Kerr - RE/MAX
Jeffrey Wagman - Forest Hill Real Estate
Jock Isenhardt - RE/MAX
Joe Scalabrelli - RE/MAX
Joe Widjaya - HomeLife Metro
John Muzzin - Remax
John Tran
Jonathan Ferrier - Royal Lepage
Judy Traviss - Royal LePage
Julie Richardson - Bosley Real Estate Ltd
Kraig Schwartz - Century21
Kim Kehoe- Royal LePage
Karin Katsumi - Coldwell Banker
Laurie Hanes - RE/MAX Unique
Lamont Leone - RE/MAX.
Lindsay & Melanie Wright
Lindsay Gribben and Mark Alldrit - Century21
Louisa Baumander - Royal Lepage
Lou Piccioni - Coldwell Banker
L.H. Lind Realty
Lisa Sinopoli - HomeLife
Lucy Sanford - ReMax
Maneck Khambatta - Coldwell Banker
Marc Trumphour - RE/MAX
Margie Kiersnowski
Mark Argentino - ReMax
Mark Midensky - Coldwell Banker
Margaret McRae - Royal LePage
Mario Piscitelli - Royal LePage
Mario Dipalo - Remax
Monika Nusca
Mario & Mimma Volpentesta - Sutton Group
Martin Cox - Prudential Properties Plus
Marilyn Moore
Marc Trumphour - Remax
Maurice Hyde - Century21
Melissa Henderson
Michele & Brian Power - Remax
Milana Cizmar
Mike Clarke - Remax
Motria Zzulynsky
Michael Meltzer - Advocate Realty
Michael Parsons - RE/MAX
Michael Young - Royal LePage
Mike Knecht - Coldwell Banker
Milana Cizmar - Royal LePage
Miroslav Tchorni - Sutton Group
Nadia Sarov - RE/MAX
Neel Surendran - Royal LePage
Neil Robb - Royal LePage
Neil and Caroyn Curren
Nick Pavlov - Re/Max
Nicholas Baker - Royal LePage
Oksana Dejneha - Sutton Group
Otto Calta - Coldwell Banker
Paul Indrigo - Coldwell Banker
Paul Poirier - Eagle Group
Paul Zammit - Remax
Paul Singh - HomeLife
Pervez Tagari - Royal LePage
Peter Mulholland and Ora Ross - RE/MAX
Peter Rossbaum - Royal LePage
P. Purushotham - RE/MAX Condo Plus
Philip Wynne - RE/MAX
Randy Yetman - RE/MAX
Rahim Ajani
RCR Realty - Royal Lepage
Rhonda Abony and Perry Steinberg - Harvey Kalles Real Estate
Richard Duggal - RE/MAX 2000 Realty Inc
Richard Gurbin- RE/MAX
Richard Silver
Rina Cara - Century21
Rob Burton - RE/MAX
Rob Jakab - Royal Lepage
Rob Harbin Colleen Bell - RE/MAX
Robert Greenberg - Harvey Kalles
Rocco and Gail Cornacchia - Remax
Robert Cogan -Harvey Kalles
Robert Nardi - Remax
Rose Kutzko - RE/MAX
Rose Scalabrelli - Remax
Rosemary Wright -Sutton Group
Roslyn Avery - Royal LePage
Stefan Hyross -- Re/Max
Sally Bannister - RE/MAX
Sandy Bodnar - RE/MAX
Sam McDadi - RE/MAX
Scott MacDonald - Royal LePage
Silvano Gemmiti - First National Homestead
Silvio and Joanne Loiero
Sonia Grimman - Royal LePage
Stefani Thomson - Chestnut Park
Shirley and Louis Baum - Remax
Steve Sum - HomeLife Realty
Stephen Brooks - Royal LePage
Steve Papas - Remax
Steven Simonetti - MinCom
Stephen Frazee - RE/MAX
Sergey Rybitsky - Sutton Group
Signature Realty - Royal LePage
Tanya Jivov - Harvey Kalles Realty
Tasi Farquhar - RE/MAX
Traci Tempany - Coldwell Banker
Tracy Selver
Thomas and Sally Cook - RE/MAX
Tony Hicks - RE/MAX
Tony Incognito - Homelife
Trish French - RE/MAX
Victoria Golovnia - Sutton Group
Vince Battigaglia - Home Life
Vivienne Osen - Century21
Wayne Kahn - RE/MAX
Wayne Muir - Sutton Group
Wendel J. Bonair - RE/MAX
Wendy Forrest - Sutton Associates
Wilson Li - Royal LePage
York Professinals - Coldwell Bankers
Ying Hope - Harvey Kalles Real Estate
Zan Molko - Harvey Kalles Realty
Zen Pawson - Remax
Zee Dimov - RE/MAX
Zeny Maninang - Homelife
Zello Jovanovic

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